The Studio Around the Corner and students from Westchester Community College’s Kathryn W. Davis Global Community Program Scholars are partnering to create a program to promote self-expression through multimedia art. The Art Ambassadors created “Art from the Heart” hoping to reach a diverse group of people who live in the town of Brewster and who normally do not have access to artistic resources. The Art Ambassadors will provide a safe place for participants to portray themselves through the use of artistic tools.

The focus of the “Art from the Heart” program is on the inherent therapeutic value of the process of creating art. Generating art taps into what cannot be expressed verbally. While the final product is valued, it is in the creative process where self-expression and meaning lies. Although making art to most appears as another form of recreation, the Art Ambassadors realize it can be very meaningful and want to share this gift with others.

The Art Ambassadors will conduct a free series of six bilingual (English and Spanish) art classes for members of the Brewster community. Each session will take place at The Studio Around the Corner in Brewster, New York. Meetings will be held every Saturday from January 12 to February 23 at 3 pm. The program is free for all residents of Brewster and neighborhoods nearby, and art supplies and refreshments will be provided by the Art Ambassadors from Westchester Community College.

Call today at (845) 363-8330 or email at info@culturalartsco.com to book a seat in the program.