How do I Add a Listing?

Listings are available to local businesses, organizations, non-profits, individual artists, crafters and musicians, and groups. All listings are subject to approval by iHeart Hudson Valley. To add a listing, click the add listing button on the top right of your screen. On the next page, choose the pricing package you would like to have. In the popup window that appears, you can add the content for your listing and choose the category that most closely fits. You will need to create an account which can be created at the same time as your listing.

Please be patient once hitting the submit button, the preview may take up to 1-to 3 minutes to populate. Do not keep hitting the submit button. Once satisfied with your preview, hit the submit button on the mid to lower right section of the page. Once again, be patient and give it time to populate. If you have waited several minutes and the submission has not populated, please email us at info@ihearthudsonvalley.com with your name and listing info so we can help you.

OK, I Submitted a Listing, Now What?

Once your listing has been submitted, it comes to us for approval. We will double check everything and make sure you haven't missed any important content. Please be patient, this may take a day or two. Once we have approved your listing, we will make it live on the site and you will receive an email to let you know your listing is live.

Can I Change My Listing After it Has Been Made Live?

Yes! Once you have signed up and created a listing, you will have a dashboard area where you can edit your listing, create events, see stats on your listing and manage your profile. Your dashboard is accessible via the person icon in the top right corner of the website right beside the add-listing page.


How Do I Add an Event?

Events can be added to free or paid listings. Once you have created your listing, log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard or your listing on the front end of the site. There will be a button from both of these places that will allow you to add events. The events come in packages much like listings. After clicking the button, a popup will appear where you can choose your event package.

Are Events Recurring?

No, you get a set number of events per package and then if you would like more, you will need to purchase a new package.

Where Will I See My Event?

Events will appear on your listing page. We may also use them on the event carousel on the home page as well as the main events page.