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Hudson Valley Fall Landscaping Checklist: Tips On What To Do To Your Lawn This Fall Season

Hudson Valley Fall Landscaping Checklist: Tips On What To Do To Your Lawn This Fall Season

It’s that time of year where the leaves are slowly changing colors and we need to start prepping our lawns for the cold winter months. Around this time, it can be easy to leave your yard work to the last minute, but to avoid it from looking unkempt, it is crucial to stay on top of your fall routines.


It can be hard to know where to start but we’ve collected a few tips to give you a helping hand this season. 

Fall Is A Great Time For Mulching:

Jose Mozo from 84 Landscaping, a local landscaping company from Newburgh, NY, states that this time of year is a good time to lay down a layer of mulch. Mozo likes to think of mulch as a blanket for your sleeping plants. Mulch can add a layer of protection to your trees and shrubs by insulating the root system. Once the air begins to crisp up and the temperature starts to drop, mulch can keep the temperature warmer for your shrubs by creating a protective barrier for them during these upcoming months. 

Pluck Your Weeds:

As homeowners, we can sometimes forget that weeds do not just grow in the springtime, but they also grow during the winter. You must remember to keep a lookout for these invasive plants and pluck them out. A preventative measure you can take is adding mulch to areas where you have plants to keep these winter weeds away. 

Don’t Forget about your Perennials: 

Before we encounter early morning frost this season, make sure to take some time out of your schedule to give some TLC to the perennials you already have growing. Mozo from 84 Landscaping says that this is the best time to trim down some of your perennials and ornamental grasses, so they can grow better and stronger during the spring months. It also helps to trim down the dead sections to make your property look well kept. If the proper care isn’t taken to trim these grasses down they can become matted down during the snowy winter months, which will create more work for you come spring.   

Make Sure To Do A Leaf Cleanup Before The Dreadful Winter Snow Hits: 

To ensure the health of your lawn this coming spring, you must get a proper cleanup during these autumn months, don’t let the tree leaves smother your grass. To one’s dismay, they will not insulate your lawn during the winter but will create a bigger mess for you during the springtime. To cut down on time and price for a spring clean-up make sure that you are taking the time now to rake or mulch down all of the fallen leaves on your property. A bonus to mulching down your leaves is that it can help return some of the nutrients into the soil. 

Bonus iHHV Lawn Care Tip: 

Make sure to mow your lawn down to 2 to 2 ½ in tall to keep it healthy for the springtime and prevent any winter lawn diseases. If you cut your grass too short during the fall then it can hinder its ability to grow in time for the spring.

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