Established in 1963, our farm has been passed down from one generation to the next. Our goal is to provide grass-fed, antibiotic-free, no added hormone, all-natural beef & lamb. Our livestock is of the highest quality. We believe in the humane treatment of all animals. We do our best to raise and nurture them in a clean, open, natural environment. Banbury Cross Farm provides the finest holistic care for every animal living on our farms. Our pastures are all-natural grasses, forbs, and browse. Clean, fresh groundwater is provided in all of the pastures year-round.

Healthy Livestock

The beef and lamb are raised with no added hormones, no antibiotics, no meat by-products, and a totally vegetarian diet. They are humanely treated, raised in pastures, and never contained in a feedlot.

Animals Raised in Flerds

We combine our cattle and sheep in fields, where they have a symbiotic relationship. The cattle keep predators away from the sheep, the sheep, if startled, go to the cattle for protection. The sheep and the calves play together as well as eat and sleep as one herd.

Healthy Animals & Fields

Our flerds are rotated approximately every 2-5 days through the fields. This is done so our fields do not get overgrazed, the animals get the benefit of the best grasses, and the fields get to rest between grazings, to recover and replenish the fields.

Stewards of the Land

Sheep tend to browse and eat different grasses than cattle, so the flerd system increases efficiency and improves the productivity of our pasture management program.


109 Coleman Rd., Goshen, NY 10924