We are a recent addition to the community of farms growing at the Chester Agricultural Center in Chester, NY.  We started our business in 2018 and began by raising a small number of crops for four restaurants in the Hudson Valley.  We moved to Chester in 2019 and have started farming in the fertile soil known as the Black Dirt.

We are working on a 5- year plan to produce organic strawberries and raspberries on a commercial scale for people in the Hudson Valley.  So far we have had an amazing response from our customers, but we are still only producing on a very limited scale.   Growing berries organically on a commercial scale is a difficult proposition, and we are currently refining our growing practices before we invest in a ramping up our production.  In the meantime, we are enjoying getting the word out about our farm stand at the Beacon Farmers Market and the new mini CSA that we are delivering to Beacon.

We are developing our preservation techniques and hope to offer you jars of tomato sauce, giardiniera, pepper jam and other products in future winters.
Currently we are producing a tomato sauce made from the Cannestrino di Lucca tomato, an Italian heirloom tomato with incredible flavor.  We have also started a practice of freezing as many of the leftover strawberries as we can from our harvests and selling them during the winter months.


168 Meadow Avenue, Chester, NY 10918, USA