Oblong Books and Music takes its name from a historic district created when the colonies of New York and Connecticut each conducted surveys to establish a border 20 miles from the Hudson River. The surveys, done in the late 1600s, differed by nearly two miles. Both states laid claim to this strip of land, extending through Dutchess County south to Westchester County. Because of its long, narrow shape this territory was called “The Oblong.” For decades .”The Oblong” was an outlaw territory where neither colony had reliable legal jurisdiction.

In 1731 a treaty was signed giving “The Oblong” to New York with Connecticut gaining an equal amount of land from New York in its southwestern corner. It wasn’t until 1857, however, that both states finally ratified the border agreement.

Oblong Books & Music is the largest independent bookseller in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Founded in 1975, they showcase a vibrant children’s book & toy section, a large bargain books selection, and a knowledgeable staff. There are two locations, one in Rhinebeck and one in Millerton, NY.  Open daily, Oblong Books and Music has something for everyone.


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6422 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, USA