Sparky and I managed to make it to the top of Mount Beacon in Beacon, NY. If you have never done this hike, know that it is kinda great because a. it is challenging in that the vertical climb is pretty steep. And  b. while challenging because of its steepness, the hike itself is relatively short. Additionally, once you reach the summit, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring sights to see.

According to Wikipedia, Mount Beacon, is the highest peak of the Hudson Highlands, located behind the City of Beacon, New York, in the Town of Fishkill. Its two summits rise above the Hudson River behind the city and can easily be seen from Newburgh across the river and many other places in the region. The more accessible northern peak, at 1,531 feet (467 m) above sea level, has a complex of radio antennas on its summit; the 1,610-foot (491 m) southern summit has a fire lookout tower.  While I didn’t get to see the fire tower, I did get to check out all the cool remains of the Mount Beacon Incline Railway that used to bring people up the mountain.  Check out the cool pics below.

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