Cardinals Note Card


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5-1/2” x 4-1/4” Note Card Printed on heavy card stock Blank inside.

Envelope included with each card. Each card is signed by the Artist

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From the Artist: My kids are at that age when they still love to get mail. It’s all still good mail – magazines, Birthday cards, postcards, etc. – and they often contain a pleasant surprise; a couple of dollars from Grandma, or some stickers, for example. I’d hate to think that there may come a day when my kid’s kids will get all their mail digitally; when they would miss out on the excitement of finding an envelope or package in the mailbox with their name on it; or the anticipation of ripping open the envelope to see what’s inside. I know it’s not politically correct to be in favor of real-life paper mail. And there are some things that deserve to be digital. I don’t need paper copies of my bills. And junk mail should be banished all together. But some things are worth keeping. I still have post cards from all sorts of exotic places that I got as a kid. And I still have all the cards and little notes that my wife wrote to me before (and after) we were married. Some things deserve to be committed to pen and paper; not flickering across some computer screen or texted (and misspelled) from one phone to another. That’s why I make note cards. And that’s why I’m honored every time somebody decides that the image on the outside of one my cards is special enough to accompany the special message on the inside. 5-1/2” x 4-1/4” Note Card Printed on heavy card stock Blank inside Envelope included with each card Each card is signed by the Artist

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