Craft Brewed Foaming Hand Soap


Quick Overview

Wash your hands with your favorite brew! Let us explain…

This one’s a beautiful summer orange ale…



To celebrate the abundance of breweries in the Hudson Valley we devised a craft brewed skin care category and it’s rich and moisturizing!  The alcohol gets cooked off in the production process and we are left with the healing qualities of hops, barley and yeast.  Beer does amazing things for your hair and skin: try it and see!
Beer naturally increases the lather of the soap without the need for chemicals.  Our foaming liquid soap on tap is created from scratch in much the same way we create our bar soaps.  Whenever we visit a brewery we are proud to transform their wonderful creation into our own (we always taste a little too, you know, just to make sure it’s good!)


Ingredients: Distilled water, craft beer, lactobacillus ferment, vegetable glycerin, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil infused with cascade hops, organic sunflower oil, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, organic mango butter, orange essential oil, fragrance
(phthalate free)

Additional information

Weight .656 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 7 in

Apple Ale, Bourbon Beer


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