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Event Details

Crafting Serenity – Artisan Empowerment & Business Development Retreat with Heart & Soul Productions


Join Heart and Soul Productions For an exciting weekend of crafting, business development, and personal empowerment.

Are you a small business owner, or are you thinking of starting a business? Then this weekend is for you! Located at the beautiful Frost Valley YMCA Campus, we will be housed in “The Castle”. We have a full weekend of events planned.


Alma Gonzalez
Starting In the mid-90s, Alma started her career working in business development as a startup specialist and helped build an internet startup from day one to its IPO at $5M,  She then worked as an internet startup specialist for a private venture firm and helped raise nearly $80M for 50+ startup businesses until 9-11. Post 9-11 she owned an events business, producing over 3,000 events, and generating nearly $9M in revenue while servicing nearly 250,000 guests during the time she owned the business. Since 2019 when she relocated to Orange County, she has completed her MBA and began working on her doctoral thesis:  “The Living Business Plan” which proposes a method for small business owners to take their business plan from a startup framework to a useful tool for sustained growth.  Business development and entrepreneurship is her passion and along with her many other ventures, she currently works as a consultant to help develop new businesses from the initial idea to opening day and beyond.

Robbie O’Quinn
Robbie Is the owner of multiple online businesses including iHeart Hudson ValleyEquus Local, and RAQuinn CreativeWorks. With a background in web & graphic design, and digital & print marketing, she has been helping small businesses with their marketing needs for close to 20 years. She uses her iHeart Hudson Valley platform to further this mission and promote the many great small businesses, places, & events in our region.

Kristie Johnson
With more than a decade in operations, Kristie’s expertise lies in team management and operational optimization, evident in her successful track record of enhancing business processes, increasing productivity, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Beyond her professional realm, Kristie actively contributes to her community through volunteer work with organizations such as the local PTA, Board of Education, Cub Scouts, Preserve Blooming Grove, and Citizens United to Protect Our Neighborhoods (CUPON Orange). Alongside her community involvement, Kristie co-owns a wood carving business, showcasing her artistic flair.

Through her journey of healing and growth, Kristie has gained invaluable insights into building healthy boundaries and overcoming adversity. This personal experience has uniquely qualified her to support and guide others in their journeys towards emotional well-being and empowerment. With her diverse skill set, unwavering dedication, and compassionate nature, Kristie Johnson stands as a valuable asset to any team or community, serving as an inspiration to those around her.

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