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Event Details

Event Details

Ice Cream Social


Join us on the deck for an ice cream social to celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

We will have music, ice cream, belly dance lessons, and a hula hoop contest!  Come out for a fun time at the iHeart Hudson Valley Market.Veldrina

If you would like to enter our belly dance class or the hula hoop contest, please sign up below.

Come take part in our belly dancing lesson from Veldrina! Read more about the class below.
Bellydance. The word conjures images of a bejeweled, exotic person undulating to ancient rhythms. Have you ever wanted to try? Then join me, and we will embark on a wonderful journey as I take the mystery out of the mysterious, one hip at a time!
Bellydance is a very gentle way to build flexibility and core strength without huffing and puffing to cardio workouts. It’s great for those who are convalescing or just don’t want to jump around and sweat bullets, while sneakily toning and working muscle groups you didn’t even realize you had!


I specialize in bellydance fusion; that is, mixing raqs sharqi (bellydance) with other forms of dance, such as hip-hop, pop, African, modern dance, etc. Come learn this wonderful way to move with me!

Event Venue

6 Depot Street, Suite 104, Washingtonville, NY 10992