Cory Blan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, he works on providing his clients with personalized nutrition and training for weight loss. Cory has worked in a multitude of different fields; he’s worked as a cook, as an exterminator, he repossessed cars, and was in the Navy.

Oddly enough, he was always a little bit athletic in a way but remained out of shape and unhealthy. After partying and eating his way up to 265 lbs, soon he realized it was time to alter his lifestyle. After years of following a multitude of diets and lifestyles and with his wife’s blessing, he left his well-paying job for a chance to help people get on a path to a healthy lifestyle. This was also a chance for him to get on his own path of growth and self-discovery. He was lucky enough to have a large family-owned gym within cycling distance (Premiere Athletic Club). As he trained people of all ages for weight loss, knee and back pain, and postural issues, he began to forge a niche. He began to realize that the people who needed a personal trainer were not the quarterbacks or the prom queens, they’re regular people struggling, just like he was. To Cory, there’s nothing better than helping the people in his community feel better.



Hudson Valley