Lolly’s Handmade is a family-owned business created in the kitchen of our Hudson Valley home. After my breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, I became a consumer of “natural” hair and skincare products. During my journey of recovery, I wanted to learn more about the things that I consumed as well as about the products my family and I used on a daily basis. What I found was that with the use of raw, natural ingredients, you could actually make your own products, without the use of harsh additives. During my research, what I found is that companies utilize many different additives that either extend or increase shelf life as well as enhance the appearance of their products, which becomes their main focus. So what we decided to do with our products is to make our main focus about the benefits of raw natural products, that’s why we offer freshly made, natural, customizable products. We started out making handmade soap for our family and friends. Today we offer Whipped Body Butter, Foot Scrub, Beard Butter, and Bam as well as Dog Paw Balm for our family German Shepherd, named Bronx. We love trying new ingredients, recipes, and scents, as the variations are endless.



Middletown, NY