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Popular Hiking at Mohonk Mountain House

Popular Hiking at Mohonk Mountain House

Photo credit for feature image -Vivu hiker – May 23, 2022 – Lemon Squeeze and Eagle Cliff

In a world full of constant chaos, being in nature offers a way to find some peace and clarity. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and reap the benefits nature has to offer. The Hudson Valley is known for its lush forests and mountainous landscapes. Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY offers over 85 miles of protected forest and scenic hiking trails for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for the perfect summer hobby, Mohonk Mountain house has hiking trails ranging from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty. Be aware though, hiking here requires a day pass. Current 2022 pricing is $35 per adult (ages 13+) and $30 per child (ages 4 – 12).

Check out the list below to learn about some of the most coveted and fan-favorite trails at Mohonk.

Sky Top Tower
Length: 1.6 mi

Imagine a view of nothing but miles and miles of lush green trees, endless blue skies, and breathtaking mountains. Sky Top Tower is a beginner level, 1.6-mile loop hike that leads all the way up to the Albert Smiley Memorial Tower. It’s a popular trail for new hikers and cross-country skiing, but you will need to leave your pups at home, as dogs aren’t allowed on Mohonk Property.  For an even better view, climb the 200 tower stairs to enjoy a full panorama of the Shawangunk mountains. On a crystal-clear day, you can even see up to six states from the top of the tower. With views like that, it’s no wonder that Sky Top Tower is the top destination on the Mohonk Mountain House property.

Lemon Squeeze   
Length: 7 mi

When life gives you lemons…you go through the lemon squeeze! Get to know this 7-mile hike that will have you shimming through narrow rock crevices, crawling under giant boulders, and climbing up tiny ladders. Generally considered a challenging hike, this rock scramble takes an average of 3 hours to complete. While hiking through the rock formations, stay on the lookout for up close views of various wildlife like lizards, spiders, and snakes, oh my!  If you’re looking for a good workout with wild views, this is the hike for you.

Length: 1 mi

 Before you even get to the lemon squeeze, may I suggest a brief warm up?  The Labyrinth trail is a 1 mile out and back rock scramble that’s perfect in preparing you to take on the Lemon Squeeze. During this hike you will pull yourself up, over, and around boulders and various rock crevices. Taking you about 30 minutes to hike, this trail is one of the fan favorites at Mohonk.

Bonticou Crag Trail Photo credit – Denis Cedeno – May 12, 2022

Bonticou Crag
Length: 2.3 mi

A moderately challenging hike to a spectacular panorama, this 2-hour hike offers both a footpath as well as a well-marked rock scramble to the top. Enjoy strolling through open woods while bathing in the calmness of the sounds of nature. Just a friendly reminder, once you get to the base of the crag, it’s vertical all the way up to the top.

Eagle Cliff
Length: 5.7 mi

Are you a beginning hiker looking for an easy stroll? Well then Eagle Cliff is for you. Considered an easy route, Eagle Cliff takes you around Lake Mohonk.  This trail features gradual inclines with easy loops to get back to the resort.  Best of all, this 5.7-mile loop trail offers amazing views of all of Mohonk.  Enjoy the solitude of nature whether you are hiking, running, or just casually strolling.




By Morgan Boyd





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