2:06, The Story of My Mother’s Afterlife, book


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About a mother’s contacts from beyond the grave. By Jane Sayre-Denny. 192 pages. Signed by the author if you buy through ihearthudsonvalley.com. Author copies can take up to 14 days.

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There is no force on earth, or in heaven, greater than a mother’s love. My mother proves that every day, ignoring the fact that she has been dead since 2009. In addition to the countless proofs she has provided of her continued existence (apparitions, visions, noises, object manifestations, totem animal appearances and more), she has sent money, averted tragedies, settled disputes, found long lost friends, revealed vital information, and rescued me from a nightmare that should have taken my life at least five times. I know these things are her doing because she signs her work with the number 206. I can be certain when I see that number (in any format: 2/6, 206, $2.06, 2:06), or a black squirrel, that she is near. Starting on the very night of her death, and constantly to this day, this number has appeared so prolifically, and in such outlandish places and ways as to be statistically impossible by coincidence. 2/6 was my mother’s birthday.

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